Friday, February 4, 2011

Rhys Griffiths Digital art

Rhys Griffith - Photo Manipulator.
Родился в Австралии, 16 мая 1990 г.

I have a few suggestions for photographers who do this.
1) think about what you're doing. it is really moral? are you taking credit for someone elses art? i'm sure you could argue, but the answer is plain obvious. If you think you're doing the wrong thing - remove the art.
2) buy some spray cans and some stencils and find yourself a brick wall. spend a couple of years practising until you can graffiti as well as the artists you are plagiarising. do some graffiti artwork yourself. and THEN take a photo of it. problem solved!
3) get permission from the graffiti artists to display THEIR work*, link to their website or even just write their name down. make it clear that 99% of what the viewer is looking at - isnt yours.

That being said, what does everyone else think?

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