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Cake Decorating sugarcrafting David Cakes shows you how to pipe suspended Royal Icing 'Drop Lace' demonstrating piping techniques, tips, step by step creative ideas.
Using piping styles and techniques dating back over 300 years, Cakincrazy David Cakes pipes icing that literally is suspended and self supporting creating an awe inspiring complex ornate grand architectural feel to a wedding cake. This preview shows the progress after 2 weeks of decorating this new design. David has only used 3 piping tubes to create the design that has been applied free-hand.

When I started David Cakes back in 1983 our showroom was graced a it still is, with all kinds of creations. This style of cake decorating is known as 'drop lace work' using Royal icing.
As we are getting more and more requests for Royal Icing coated and piped cakes we are re-introducing more detailed piping styles. The biggest buzz was when my Mum (who retired from David Cakes 8 years ago) popped in yesterday and came up to the workshop. She stood there and gasped when she saw this cake I am working on.. "You have just broken a dream son !" she said, " I genuinely had a dream last night about this style of cake you used to do !" Wow I thought and smiled at her :)
It's funny but I do believe fashion and trends do return full circle. Grand ornate Royal Icing piped achitectural style cakes date back over 300 years. I found a pic on the net of a Royal Wedding Cake from 1857 ! It was a drawing as they never had photo's I guess in those times, but if you start investigating, you will discover inspirations from another time, that will energise you, as they have me with excitement and creative inspiration.
Ed and I have been watching a lot of classical architectural art inspired dvds recently including Brian Sewell's 'The Naked Pilgrim' (fully recommended- seriously inspiring) that instigated my "Grand Achitectural" creativity to start flowing once again, revisiting and re-discovering my piping roots once again.
I must say Thank you Mr Sewell for such a fascinating documentary I dedicate this cake to you and of course my ESP Mom ! haha :) Happy Cake decorating everyone !

If you would like to join David Cakes at one of his Masterclasses, check out details on his website


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