Saturday, January 8, 2011

иллюзия света,Mary Temple

Креативные идеи в работе Mary Temple: "иллюзия света".
"Much of my work is concerned with environmental perception, whether that environment be a physical structure or as abstract as a psychological impression. On this webpage there are images from two bodies of work. The portraits of my neighbor's houses in front of picture-perfect postcard skies make me think about the fluidity of the meaning of home, and how lithe the shifts in our perception of an environment can be. The first set of images is from the series, Light Installations, which are trompe l’oeil paintings that appear to be light and shadow cast on a wall and/or wooden floor from a nearby window. Often the images are in rooms where there is little or no natural light, nor corresponding windows. The efficacy of a window relies entirely on the viewer’s conception of an aperture that will explicate the image--a window, door or possibly a skylight. The conceptual intervention, an aperture, constructed by the viewer lasts only for the period of time they are convinced that what is seen is thrown light and cast shadow, rather than a painting on a wall. While considering the illusion, viewers question reality and their experience of a particular place is radically altered, according to their own specifications."


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