Friday, January 21, 2011

Interview with Gossip Girl's Tamara Feldman

What's more stunning than autumn in Maine? You, dressed in fall's sexiest, coziest looks. Gossip Girl's Tamara Feldman shows us the new styles
Robin Sayers

"I like dirty boys. Mechanics, construction workers, artists who get paint and clay everywhere," Tamara Feldman says. "They gotta have rough hands." An odd preference, perhaps, for someone who portrays a Manhattan socialite on not one but two shows: On Gossip Girl, Feldman plays Poppy, a soul too sweet for that teen-eat-teen urban jungle. And this season she returns to ABC's Dirty Sexy Money as Natalie, a manipulative maneater. Feldman's own big-city inauguration came when she moved from Kansas to Chicago several years ago. "That first winter, I didn't have a proper coat. I'd just run from place to place, but I was so excited it didn't matter." Today, cold-weather wardrobe staples hold a place of honor in her closet in Los Angeles.

Fortunately, work still brings Feldman East--whether it's for an acting gig in New York or this fashion shoot in Bar Harbor, Maine--which allows Feldman to indulge her fondness of fall and winter apparel. "I really like structured coats and layered scarves, she says. "And I especially love cashmere sweaters." Her next splurge: a leather jacket to wear motorcycle riding: "I did well in the safety course but choked on the test. They let me pass, though--they knew I froze up because people were watching." Considering her rise in Hollywood, it's clear that her performance anxiety stops at the pavement.


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