Sunday, November 28, 2010

Germán Saez/профессиональный фотограф

Photographer Germán Saez

Герман Саез в основном известный за его фантастические черно-белые фото, портреты...

Фото и рисунки интересных людей, гламурные фото от лучших фотографов, красивые рисунки замечательных художников.

Germán has been taking pictures the last 17 years, but has only started taking his photography seriously the last 6-7 years after struggling with shyness earlier: “- As I was very, very shy it was very difficult to me to shoot portraits. My rebirth in photography was when shooting concerts on a big tour being part of the staff of Gustavo Cerati, a very popular rock musician in Latin America. From then (1999), I started to photograph more than before. Later, I started to shoot with an ex-girlfriend and the shyness slowly disappeared. But it was still a hobby. At that time I worked mostly as web designer and in a few years, things changed, photography became my main activity and shyness, at least when shooting, doesn’t exist anymore.”

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