Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dunn and bradstreet

D&B’s D-U-N-S Numbers are Business Information Reports. Numbers and reports go hand-in-hand. They may include the following: Extended credit terms, trade experiences, principal’s history, financials (including net worth, cash on hand, AR/AP, etc..), UCC Filings, Public Records, Liens, Suits, volume sales, employee number, terms to liabilities, start date, and even type of building in which company is located. The unique and patented DUN System blends specific industry sectors with numeric sequencing providing a multitude of sector-based information that is compared and contrasted with like industries in a local, state and regional format. The DUN System is utilized by many major banks/lenders, insurance and finance companies as well as municipalities, Federal agencies and endorsed by the European Union as the primary identification system for International business assessment and validation throughout the world. The DUNS/BIR (Business Information Report) is required for many US federal government transactions, so are widely used as a leveraging tool to win bids and portray a stable and creditworthy business, able to meet its obligations and can validate what it professes. The System is frequently used in corporate research.

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